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We love Adidas shoes

For most of us growing up in Germany, the brand with the 3 stripes has always been a part of our lives, just as Franz Beckenbauer has always been a part of soccer. As children, we somehow all stood on the football pitch in Adidas​ shoes, carried our sports kits to the gym in adicolour bags on our bicycle racks or at least went to Fasching or Karneval dressed as RUN DMC. None of us could pass up the Firebird tracksuits, the Superstar, Originals and Trefoil collection. At this point we would happily and lovingly tell the good old story of Adi Dassler once more, how he heroically created a business empire back then in Herzogenaurach, but unfortunately there isn't enough time in this fast-paced medium called the Internet. Too bad, right?

The whole world knows these trainers!

The brand has somehow managed to always stay in touch with the latest trends and, with know-how gathered over the years, has not only produced high-quality trainers, but has also delivered contemporary design in the realms of street and lifestyle.
Here is only a partial list of the classic and trend shoes: The Superstar, the Stan Smith, the Samba, the Gazelle, the Special, the Tubular, the Nomad (NMD), the ZX Flux, the ZX 700 and the ZX 750. And the list could go on and on. The Samba, for example, is getting a little long in the tooth, but it is anything but stale or out of style. The new designs are still in high demand -- because this trainer is simply timeless!

Quick as a fox with the Flux

The ZX Flux is definitely one of the hottest items on the trainer market right now because the designs offer something for everyone -- for guys as well as gals (the ZX Flux women's shoe). The trainers shine with flashy, colourful​ prints and patterns. But they also come in very modest variations like grey​. Zebra, leopard, military or neon -- there's the right Flux for everyone. That's why we have a large selection available in our online shop.

Stripes and Trefoil for the ZX 700 and the ZX 750

Shoes for men and women with an unbelievable array of new colours​. Muted colours​ and the classic shoe shape are hallmarks of these trainers.

This name reflects the whole product range: the Superstar

It has justly earned its name because it really is a "superstar" among athletic shoes. Developed as a basketball shoe, hip hop made the Superstar famous and now it's impossible to imagine streetwear without it. Probably no other design has become so eternally young!

From the tennis court to the streets: the Stan Smith

The Stan Smith was designed as a tennis shoe in the 1970s. It was the signature design of the American tennis player by the same name, Stan Smith. The absolutely timeless, simple design allows these shoes to be combined phenomenally well to create different looks.

Into the future on inner tubes -- with the Tubular

The Tubular is a progressive, futuristic trainer for women and men designed to resemble a running shoe. The outstanding feature of this shoe is the unbelievably comfortable sole that is shaped like a tube. Tyre inner tubes were actually the inspiration behind the Tubular's sole. This rather bulky sole is combined with a sock-like, precisely fitting upper. That makes for a sporty look and an equally sporty feeling when wearing them.

Like a Gazelle

Whether or not you can actually jump around all over the place like a gazelle with this shoe remains an open question. What is certain, however, is that this suede Adidas trainer has a huge fan base. And it's no wonder.

The simple Court Vantage is always the right call

This timeless shoe is simply fantastic when putting different looks together. Women and men, young and old, treasure this classic that is an absolute must for any trainer collection.

On the Walk of Fame with the Los Angeles trainers

These sleek trainers come in such great new designs that you'll feel like you're among the Hollywood stars or starlets when wearing them.  

Beautiful trainers for the fairer sex -- Adidas shoes for women

Here's something many don't know: Women love Adidas shoes too! Naturally we take that into account and have a large women’s collection available. After all, the female foot should be beautifully clad as well! Adidas offers a cool online magazine especially for women called "news for original girls". In it, you'll always find something new, interesting and worth knowing about Adidas​ from the worlds of fashion, lifestyle and culture.

Further offerings of our online shop

The three stripes ensure that not only our feet but our whole bodies are stepping out in style. From head to toe!

Sale -- everything at reduced prices!

We offer products at discounted prices on a regular basis. Here the sale lasts all year! So if you're looking for items at reduced prices, you're sure to strike it rich.
If Adidas​ keeps this up, our children will one day tell stories of a time when everyone skateboarded in Adidas shoes and wore three-striped boardshorts when they surfed.

You might be interested in this info about Adidas:
• With "Strategy 2015", Adidas​ has declared that in the future their environmental impact will be reduced by 15%, relative to revenue, and by 2018 only "Better Cotton" shall be used in accordance​ with social and ecological standards.

And now have fun browsing in our Adidas online shop!