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Out to the mountains! There for every occasion: a Lowe Alpine Rucksack


Two adventurers, the Lowe brothers, founded their brand Lowe Alpine because they wanted to experience more adventures in the mountains. They also wanted to encourage others to do the same. In order to go to your limits and beyond you need decent equipment. For each new product, the question is asked "Will this have a specific use for the end user?" And this question is repeated for every component, every detail. This brand is not satisfied with just OK. The long-established company started with rucksacks. And that's what they're known for. These days the company also produces outerwear.

Why do we have Lowe Alpine in our shop?

The rucksacks offer a very high-quality performance. And the great thing is that there are rucksacks for every trip, whether you have a good day hike planned, a day on a rock face or a hut tour with the whole kit and caboodle.

You might be interested in the following information:
- the brand was founded in Colorado/USA. These days the company's registered office is in the UK
- the outdoor brand's products are all designed by people who are active fans of the great outdoors themselves. And they know exactly where it makes sense to have an inside pocket or the loop for the ice pick.