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Nike Snow, Wake & Surf

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WeAre your Nike Sneaker Store

We're back in 1971. Bill Bowerman, a sports instructor at the University of Oregon, and Phil Knight found their business. The business is named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. For 35 dollars the pair designed the trademark that today is the most well-known trademark in the world. Nike is not just one of our favourite brands. Globally Nike is the most popular and the largest manufacturer of sports items.
The commercial success of the business was and has been closely linked to famous sportspeople.

In the 1972 Olympics in Munich, athlete Steve Prefontaine, a former student of Bowerman's, wore Nike shoes. Others joined him. Six years later, the shoes were distributed in Europe too.
And along came Michael Jordan. The former basketball rookie signed a contract with the label in 1984. The cooperation with Air Jordan and the brand of the same name was hugely successful. Profits skyrocketed.

It wasn't all about sports. Men wear Nike shoes all the time and everywhere

There is no doubt that the man of today trots the globe in these shoes. Be it for work, in your free time or for sports activities - this American manufacturer of sportswear has found a successful balance between sneakers that can easily be worn every day and sophisticated, functional sports shoes. This guarantees the omnipresent swoosh on the feet of so many men.

Walking as if on cloud nine: Nike Air Max

Air Max is a line of shoes. The very first sneaker of this series was launched on the market in 1987. Tinker Hatfield was in charge of the design. He is an influential man in the sports business, and he can call numerous legendary designs his own. The air pocket in the heel area is a hallmark of his shoes. The Air Max 1 or Air Max 90 have been around for a long time. However, these shoes have become classics, and they are here to stay.

Perfect simplicity: Roshe Run

Roshe Run is a minimalistic running shoe. It was first launched in 2013. The name of these sneakers goes back to the respectful form of address in Zen Buddhism, Rōshi. It is used for a particularly honoured teacher.

Closed sandals: Huarache sports shoes

Did you know that water ski shoes were the inspiration for the Huarache that was launched in the early 1990s? Since neoprene so perfectly adapts to our feet, it was this material that was used for the first time for the Huarache running shoes. This style spread from the running shoe sector to other sports. It has also become part of the streetwear scene fairly quickly.

Float to your dunk with Nike Air Force One

As you will have guessed, the name of this shoe is inspired by the plane that takes the US president around the world. These sneakers were designed to be the first ever basketball shoes featuring air technology. This was in 1982. Bruce Kilgore designed these famous shoes. These shoes became popular thanks to the basketball hype. Hip hop music has done its part in making them yet more popular. Air Force 1 has been rising even higher since 2013. The all-white version remains the most popular to this day. This shoe is available in three versions: low cut, mid cut, and high cut.

The all-rounder, Nike Internationalist

And here is another child of the 80s. Also a running shoe. Internationalist is a narrow shoe. It has an incredibly comfortable footbed and beautifully damping soles. The fascinating thing about this sneaker is that it goes with absolutely everything. The design itself goes with any style. It goes without saying that the countless colour combinations go well with just about anything.

Tavas is to men what is Thea to women

In 2013 Thea was launched, a women's model. It proved very popular among men as well. And this is how the men's model, Tavas, was born.

Nike Blazer style multitasking

These shoes, made of wild leather, were launched in 1972 as basketball shoes. Basketball player George Gervin, known as "The Iceman", made them very popular. These kickers soon became popular among skaters as well. The blazers were replaced with innovative technology as far as basketball was concerned. Among skaters and, obviously, for streetwear, these shoes remain very popular.

Once upon a time there was a speedster called Nike Cortez

Did you know what incredible stories were kicked off by this shoe? It was released during the 1972 Olympics.  The American athletics team wore them. And they were hugely successful. And they all lived happily ever after.

Any women can be a goddess of victory - Nike's women's shoes

Who needs high-heeled shoes anyway? Nike sports shoes allow ladies to run faster, to avoid crippling their feet, and you can even wear the all-white version on your wedding day without a problem. This also means that your moves on the dance floor will be so much cooler!
Little girls, big girls, women, and elderly ladies: all of them have a pair of sneakers at home these days. And there is no doubt that there is something for everyone among the masses of models that this successful manufacturer of sports items has released over the years.

Nike Roshe Run for women

What is true of the gentlemen is no less applicable to the ladies: Just the design of this shoe hit a nerve among sneaker freakers. The shape of the Roshe Run gives your feet a beautiful shape. These light and wonderfully damping shoes also make for excellent sports shoes.

As diverse as its wearers: Nike International for women

It is not that they look as if they were uncomfortable. Still, you would not be able to tell just how incredibly and hugely comfortable Internationalists for women are who like the style of running shoes. They are available as a low cut version and a mid cut version. There are a lot of colours to choose from as well as a million ways of combining these shoes with your outfit.

Easy to suss out: Nike Juvenate

As the name suggests, this is a new addition to our collection. A delicate model that, thanks to its two-layered upper section, gives your foot the space it needs, while its short lacing has gained popularity.

The world's best sneaker in small sizes: Nike Air Max for women

These sporty shoes with the air cushion visible are a cult item for the ladies as well. You do not need us to tell you this. It comes in many different versions.  One person may like the original design while someone else might prefer the 90s version. The Ultra models for women are also super nice.

Nike's Huarache women's shoes are without a doubt the most trendy pair you could possibly choose

This running shoe with its multi-layered upper made of different materials is a mixture of retro style and the style of the future. It was released in the 1990s, and it was named after a sandal worn by Native Americans.

One comeback after the other: Nike Cortez women's shoes

Design is what makes Nike famous. And it is a design that is and always has been fantastic. It happens regularly that these trendy shoes with the swoosh are making a comeback. Each time they are celebrated by a younger generation.

Why do we have Nike products in our shop?

How long is a piece of string? Joking aside. Nike is the world's biggest manufacturer of sports items. And none of this would have happened if people did not like their shoes. Your feet will, without a doubt, find the perfect home.

You may find these facts about Nike interesting:

- Nike, too, has taken notice of the signs of the times, and they have launched a project called Nike Better World. As part of this project they take social action and they have started using polyester from recycled plastic bottles. This is a steps towards sustainability. Here is what we have to say about this: Keep it up!

- No worries! Carolyn Davidson, the designer of the Nike logo, might only have been paid 35 dollars at the time. However, in the early 1980s she was presented with a golden diamond ring by the company along with an undisclosed number of Nike stocks.

It goes without saying that our web shop is more than a place to find the perfect shoe. We also have caps, T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, trousers, bags, and hats.