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Not just shoes, but a lifestyle. We are Vans Fans!

Vans Off The Wall - the Vans brand embodies the boardsport lifestyle like no other brand. In 1966, Paul Van Doren founded the company with his partners Gordy Lee and Serge D'Elia in Anaheim, California, USA. They were the first to make shoes specially for skateboarding. Since then, Vans has experienced and influenced all stages in the evolution of this culture. From flower power longboard sessions to hardcore bowlrides, be it Vans shoes or Vans sunglasses, each product has some of that Californian touch.

Designed for skating, loved by everyone: Vans shoes

Authentic, Era, Old Skool, Sk8 Hi - these shoes are an essential part of any sneaker collection. All of them have the famous waffle sole that gives you a fantastic board feel. But even without a skateboard under your feet, these kicks are really popular. There are as many colour variations as there are tastes. And so there is something for every man, woman, children and for senior citizens.

Nice and oldschool in the Vans Old Skool

This shoe design is a cult hit. The first skate shoe. The legendary side stripes. The label created a classic in the Old Skool model. An extremely comfortable shoe which is just as fantastic as it was on the first day of its release in 1966!

From high top to Sk8 Hi

Even the name is cool. The Vans Sk8 Hi came out back then as a hi top. It therefore got the name because it had a high upper. There is nothing else to say about it than this: favourite shoe ever!

For the ladies: the Vans Authentic Lo Pro

This model is the little sister of the Authentic. The narrow, low cut is particularly popular with women.

Vans Classics - they were, are and always will be trendy

Classics include the models above and the Classic Slip On. The well-padded Half Cab is amazing and definitely worth mentioning. Of course the brand also releases new designs, such as the Chima Ferguson Pro, which will surely be accepted as a classic at some point, or the Iso 1.5, a shoe inspired by the running shoe trend. The Pro Model by Gilbert Crockett is also very cool.

Vans and the ladies

It is not just boys who love them. Girls love the sneakers by this Californian company just as much. The low cut and slim silhouette of the shoes make your feet simply look cool.

Practical: on the go with a Vans rucksack

When you are on the go with a skateboard and you have a few things with you that do not fit in your pockets, you obviously need a rucksack. Vans is clever and that is why they also offer backpacks. Just like with their shoes, the cut of these is fairly simple. But there are the brightest of colour combinations and patterns. Also popular is the obligatory checkerboard pattern.

Vans cap as a crowning piece

Protection from the sun when your hair gets in your face or just a fashionable accessory - caps are fantastic. A cap with the Vans logo, the cute skateboard, the label writing on it is even better. There are trucker caps, felt Sherlock Holmes style caps, or simple snap backs.

Hitting the piste in Vans snowboard boots

For those who cannot live without your beloved Vans on your snowboard holiday: You are in luck. In terms of style the Vans snow boots are the same as our sneakers. And the 66 or the HI Standard soft boots also perform really well. Really trendy and high-quality snowboard boots.

Why do we have Vans in our shop?

We are Vans Fans! If you want to run an authentic board sport shop, and we do, you need to have the originals on board, and you ignore the history. Along with classic shoe models such as the Vans Authentic and Vans Authentic black shoes or the Slip On, we also have the newest products in the range, as your Vans Online Shop.

You might be interested in the following information about Vans:

• Vans has a top-notch skate park at Orange, California. Why not drop by next time you are in the USA?
• Did you know that Vans snowboard boots have been worn by the winners of Olympic gold?