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Mellow Drive - This is how you make your skateboard an electric skateboard

It all began with the dream of the endless ride. Many a skateboarder has had this dream. More often than not it remains a dream. Yet Johannes Schewe was serious about this. In 2015 he founded his own business, together with Kilian Green, called Mellow Boards, which formed the basis for developing and marketing an electric motor.

What is special about Mellow Drive is that you can take this motor and attach it to any skate deck. Do you love your metre-long longboard with the beautiful flex? No problem. You rush around on an old school cruiser? No problem either. This allows you to remain versatile and flexible. And this is just one way in which you will be ahead of the other electric boards. You get the motor, yet the skateboard is for you to choose.

This example of e-mobility is the coolest by far - actually, it is the only cool one - that the market has to offer. Or have you ever seen anyone on a segway or a hover board, thinking "this is what style is"? No, you have not.

Having an electric board you will not have to go without skating on stretches that would otherwise be too long or too exhausting. All you have to do is push. It goes without saying that you can still push even with a Mellow Drive under your deck. As much as you want.

Movement, fun, fresh air, no excessive sweating and gasping for air. Rain cannot harm the wheels either. Mellow Boards have made our lives a little easier, free, and more cheerful with their idea.

The materials used, finishing and handling of the Mellow Drive are all top-notch quality, made in Germany. Add to that 0 emissions. That is what makes a try high-end product.

An electric longboard - for long tours or uphill travel

Having an e-longboard, a longboard with a motor, lets you travel easily and super comfortably. And it is so much fun! Get your friends together and get going. Having an electric longboard allows you to focus on carving and dancing, not pushing. Amazing.

Why do we have Mellow Boards on offer in our shop?

We know guys and girls from our snowboarding trips together. Besides, we are based in the same building. Their office is on the same floor as ours. WeAre Friends. Yet besides that they also won us over with their product.

Being a board sport shop we are always looking for clever innovations in our types of sports. Mellow Boards are among the top with their skateboard e-motor. We are happy to be able to offer this ground-breaking technology in the field of urban mobility in our shop. And we are happy about the Endless Ride, too, of course.

You may be interested in this information regarding Mellow Boards:
- The prototype became a reality thanks to the Kickstarter platform
- the motor does 40 km per hour and lasts for an average of 10 to 12 km. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
- In addition to the Mellow Drive there is also a Mellow app for iOS and Android. This is where you can set your drive mode, monitor your data, programme two Mellow Drives for a 4x4 drive or to get in touch with the Mellow Community.