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Mellow Surfer electric skateboard black blue yellow

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With the Mellow Surfer Electric Skateboard you get the ultimate total package and can get started straight away! The Surfer deck is laid out right on the Mellow Drive and therefore provides an optimal ride! Everything you need is included in the delivery, including power unit, Surfer longboard deck, trucks, battery, wheels and accessories.

Handmade by BuddyBuddy in Germany! Mellow has joined forces with BuddyBuddy from the Ore Mountains and created a series of decks that are specially designed for the Mellow Drive power unit.

- AnchorCore Technology® bonding of the upper and lower layers
- Improved dynamics, stiffness and vibration dampening
- Comfort-fit W concave shape for maximum shoe contact
- Integrated front and rear protection
- Recycled materials and sustainable production
- Non-stop wood core from a single piece of wood

- Length: 99cm
- Width: 23.11cm
- Wheel base: 84cm

On average one battery charge is enough for 12 to 15 km, and top speeds of 40 km per hour. The battery takes 3.5 hours to recharge, and it is then ready for your way home.

Urban mobility is the name of game. E-scooters, e-bikes, hover boards, segways. The industry is very creative. There are also e-long boards. Up until now, however, you would have had to buy a motorised longboard to which you would have been limited. Using the Mellow Drive you can use your old school cruiser or your metre-long longboard and travel at a nice pace. This is because you can attach this device to any deck. The device itself consists of a rechargeable battery, trucks, and motorised wheels. All you have to do is unscrew the back truck and replace it with the Mellow Drive.

The user-friendly remote can be controlled using only one finger. Push to accelerate, and pull to brake. This is where you set the drive mode (Rookie, Eco, Pro, and Endless Ride). This is where the charging status for the battery is displayed. It goes without saying that the remote comes with a loop that lets you attach the it to your wrist. This way it will not fall.

The brakes are reliable. Where the brakes of other electric longboards let you down, i.e. at full speed, Mellow brakes are far from giving up. Speed is fun, yet you have to be able to control it. Innovative feature - the battery is charged when you brake.

In addition to this there is also an app (iOS and Android).

This e-motor is an example of the absolute best quality developed by Mellow. Top-notch performance, top-notch materials, and top-notch finish. The Mellow Drive even resists rain and dust. Add to that 0 emissions.

Here are all the features at one glance:
+ MADE IN GERMANY: developed, made, and tested in Germany
+ LONG-LASTING: 2-year warranty for the system, 1-year warranty for the battery. 1,000 charging cycles
+ FAST: top speeds of 40 km per hour
+ ROBUST: water-tight and dust-tight (IP65)
+ EASILY CONTROLLED: comes with a remote
+ INTELLIGENT: the motor switches to free run when you yourself are pushing
+ FLEXIBLE: the wheels can be replaced
+ STRONG: manages inclines of up to 20%
+ ENDURANCE: lasts for 12 to 15 km
+ CAN BE USED QUICKLY: charging period of 3.5 hours
+ VERSATILE: the battery can even be charged via USB
+ TOP-NOTCH TECHNOLOGY: dual brake system that recharges the battery and that works even if the battery is fully charged
+ UP-TO-DATE: app for iOS and Android

The facts:
- Weight: 3.9 kg
- two motors in the wheels
- torque of 1.7 Nm per motor
- standard 6-hole, 180 mm truck
- click-in mechanism for the battery

The remote:
- Easy to use: "Push" is for acceleration; "pull" is for deceleration
- 4 ride modes can be set
- LED display indicating the charging status
- encrypted Bluetooth connection
- vibrates when the batteries is about to be depleted

Mellow has a unique way of combining urban mobility and skate lifestyle.
Order now. Stocks are limited!

Beware! Due to the fact that the legal situation remains unclear, we would like to make you aware that e-skateboards have not been approved for use on streets and roads.

Item no: SKW2V00506

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