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Mellow Battery Pack electric skateboard black blue

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The Mellow Battery Pack offers a high quality energy storage system that is from the same cell type (18650 round cells) that Tesla uses for its famous electric cars. Due to the "Low-IR-MosFet" technology with extremely low internal resistance and the innovative battery design, the Mellow battery delivers extremely high currents with each state of charge and therefore makes consistently strong acceleration possible.

The battery housing is made of a highly impact-resistant PC-ABS, a material that offers a high weight-to-strength ratio and is therefore practically indestructible. The watertightness of the battery is IP65 certified, which guarantees reliable functionality even in heavy rain. Inside the battery, a custom-made battery management system (BMS) monitors and protects every cell of the battery at all times.

Beyond the Mellow Drive the Mellow battery functions as an independent power bank that can charge any USB device. For example, it can charge an iPhone (6S) up to 10 times.

- Range: 12-15 kilometres
- Charge time: 3.5 hours
- Rapid charge time: 45 minutes
- Complete charge cycles: 1,000
- Weight: 1050g
- Maximum voltage: 29.2 volts
- Max. discharge current: 65A
- Output: 99Wh

- Flight certified (UN38.3)
- Water- and dust-resistant (IP65)
- Exchangeable due to locking mechanism

Item no: SKW2V00806

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