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On the hunt for the best ball bearings in the world - Bones Bearings

George A. Powell founded Bones Bearings in the early 1980s and proceeded to search for really great ball bearings. Skateboarding was still in its early days. The sport continued to develop technically. But Powell was not satisfied with the ball bearings. There were a few Japanese and German companies that made good quality bearings, but they were still too slow for the skaters.

They wanted to be able to roll faster and longer and needed ball bearings that would allow them to reach new heights on the ramps. George Powell looked in America and in Europe. He struck it rich in Switzerland. Here he discovered the fastest bearings that had been tested to date. And they were just a tad more expensive than the German ball bearings. Great.

A little customising so the skaters could clean the things themselves much more easily and then the best ball bearings one could wish for in skating were complete. That was the case then and remains so today. The Bones Swiss are more high-quality than any other ball bearings on the market.

As quality has its price though, and not everyone can afford to pay it, Powell went on the hunt once more. He wanted to manufacture affordable ball bearings with a performance that was just as good. He looked in China. There, he knew, things can be made much more inexpensively than in Switzerland or the USA. And he struck gold.

"Made in China" may have a bad reputation, and in some cases it is warranted -- but not in this case. Powell found a factory that did its job very well and made the Bones Reds from that point on. His skate expertise paired with the assembly skills of the Chinese resulted in ball bearings that let your skateboard roll and roll and roll. And they do that without tearing a hole in your wallet.

Why do we carry Bones Bearings in our shop?

You are technically not allowed to say it, but it is rumoured that these ball bearings are the best in the world. At any rate these are proper bearings that pimp every skateboard with their quality.

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