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Burton = Snowboarding

When you write about Burton, you can't help writing about the history of snowboarding. There were surely already a few daredevils before Jake Burton Carpenter, who surfed down the mountain in front of their house on an old wooden door, but Burton's story is snowboarding's greatest success story. A story full of pioneering spirit, endurance and passion, written in stunning Vermont, USA. These days the brand is so diverse that there is something for all different tastes. There are jackets, hoodies and trousers for both men and women. In addition, you can choose your own style: whether you prefer muted colours like black, white or grey, or if you want it bright in this season's colours. The new collections are moving with the times. But you can still rely on the quality of the workmanship.

Always there: a Burton rucksack

The demand for good rucksacks never ends. Whether on the slopes, on your bike, on your way to work, uni or to school - everyone needs one at some point. And with his fantastic backpacks, Burton created a well-deserved name in the industry. That's why we have such a large range. Many models have already become classics.

With Burton backpacks, your hands are free for other things

Rucksacks are the new handbags. Because handbags are impractical and rucksacks are handy. Your hands are free for more important things.

For know-alls and those in the making: a Burton school rucksack

The brand has a variety of school rucksacks, which are perfect as satchels for older children. With various slots and pockets, you can put everything that you need for school in its place.

Swipe right - match!  With the Burton Tinder

The Tinder model is an absolute favourite. It's available in many colour variations and combinations. From bright colours to earthy tones and even completely black, there's something for everyone.

Good things come in square packages: the Burton Annex

The annex combines a fantastic retro design with modern, robust materials. Trademarks of these backpacks are the box-shaped design and the hook fasteners.


We have a favourite toy: Burton snowboards

This brand was there from the beginning and influenced the sport of snowboarding like no other company; it was a trailblazer. And today it's still right at the front. It's no wonder, with all the experience they pack into their boards. There are snowboards, which are ideal for beginners, park sticks, all-round boards and big mountain boards for professional boarders.

What else is there to say? The Burton Custom

If there were a snowboard Walk of Fame, the Burton Custom would definitely get the first star. This board is the most well-known snowboard in the world. A perfect all-round board, which has been coming back every season for decades.

Piste or street? Both! Snowboard jackets and coats.

The US brand's jacket design is fantastic. The snowboard jackets have the best functions and performance features. The design is often inspired by streetwear. So once you're finished boarding you can keep your snowboard jacket on with confidence . If function is less important, and you're only looking for a nice jacket to put on or a winter jacket, you should definitely take a look at the range.

The right equipment is important - snowboard trousers

Bad snow trousers can make life pretty miserable on a snowy mountain.  A cold, wet behind is very unpleasant. Good thing you can rely on these snowboard trousers.

Boots for snowboarders: Burton Moto

Snowboard shoes have to fit perfectly. This model, the Moto Boot, is a real technical marvel, as so many feet throughout the world are kept comfortable with its cut and fit. This shoe is very comfortable and versatile. If you're looking for a soft boot, you should definitely take a look at the Moto.

Are you ready to strap yourself in? These bindings make it really easy!

The connection between you and your board makes a huge difference. And even the best board is no use to you if you're not properly strapped to it. That's why sensible bindings, along with proper shoes, are very important. And that's why there are bindings in different sizes, bindings for women, bindings in different grades of hardness, and cuts. Find out which one you want to get into an intimate relationship with.


And after the piste, you can continue in style: in Burton menswear

The shirts, hoodies and jackets all have a very cool style. The Devise is sporty and close to nature. Partly young, playful and rebellious, and partly classic and timeless.

Why do we have Burton in the shop?

We are ... your snowboard shop! Even if we closed our eyes very tight, stood on our heads and pursued our favourite sport on a bobsleigh track, we wouldn't be able to stop using Burton snowboards, Burton snowboard trousers and Burton jackets, boots and bindings. The brand is just too deeply rooted in the sport of snowboarding. The products are too well tailored for the demands of each snowboarder. Everyone in our team has at least one Burton item in the cupboard - even if it's just a hat or rucksack. This brand = snowboard, you don't really need to write anything more than that.

This information about Burton might interest you
- If you're interested in snowboarding, you should definitely take a look on the Burton website under "history". You'll find interesting pictures documenting the evolution of Burton snowboards from 1977 until today.
- Attention surfers! Along with various snowboarding brands, the surfboard manufacturer Channel Island – Al Merrick's board maker -- also belongs to the company Burton. Surf legend Kelly Slater, among others, uses their boards.