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Carhartt WIP Online Shop

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Carhartt WIP Chase W sweater blue

Carhartt WIP
Chase W sweater blue

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Work in Progress: Streetwear by Carhartt

Most young people in Germany will have heard of the Carhartt WIP brand. If you were to ask these same people to spell Carhartt for you, the most obscure combinations may be the result. You may get various spellings ranging from Carrhart, Carhart, Carharrt, to Caharrt. The spelling with a double T at the end is correct. Still only few people might spell the company name like this. This is despite the fact that, nowadays, the brand name features on virtually any hat, trousers, jumper, hoodie or T-shirt. Most people would have owned at least one of these items at some point in their lives. It is funny. Everybody knows this brand. Yet only few people know how to spell its name. In the USA Carhartt is synonymous with durable and functional work wear. The brand was founded by Hamilton Carhart in the car industry metropolis of Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1889. Any business having been around for 120 years can definitely claim to be a business with a history. The company's original garments were for workers who value quality and durability when it comes to their work wear. Here in Europe, an additional streetwear line using this brand name became known. This clothing line has become more and more independent of the original work wear line from the United States. Today, the former is a clothing line of its own. Here in Europe, the streetwear line has been distributed under the brand name Carhartt WIP since 1994. Since then it has gained in popularity. So much so that the label and its style have become virtually inseparable. In this endeavour, the company has remained true to its roots by only offering top-notch quality products in its streetwear line. It is trousers and jackets in particular that are extremely popular with skaters and BMX bikers.
  The brand also supports artists from the worlds of sports and music. As such, it has become an authentic and incredibly stylish label. Fashion experts will not need to be told just how popular the brand is. The brand is also a big player in sponsoring. Having its own skating and BMX teams, Carhartt WIP has also been very successful over the years in sports and at international events, such as Rebel Jam and the European Skating Championships. But that is not the end of it: The brand has opened its own skating and BMX hall in Weil am Rhein, Germany. This emphasised the brand's support of a subculture. Be it a jacket, work wear-style jeans, a hooded jumper, cap or hoodie - any one of the many products from our online shop can be exactly what you have been looking for in terms of style and quality.
This is our big Carhartt WIP web store.  

Durable trousers

Quite a few Carhartt trousers have become legends. The bib overall or the unique double front dungaree with its rivets are examples of this. People are also familiar with the cargo trousers, a classic design made of rip stop material. Chinos, jogger pants, and jeans in various colours, cuts, and washings are also available, of course.

Carharrt Cargo Pants

In keeping with their classic design, these trousers have a wide cut, drawstrings in their hems and - of course - big cargo pockets at the sides.

Well-cut: Jeans

We have lots of different jeans designs available. The Vicious model is a classic, as is the Texas model. The latter has been part of this range for a long time. The Davies Otero model, featuring 5 pockets, is also an excellent choice.

Jumpers for day-to-day wear

All of Carhartt's jumpers are timeless garments. The high-quality material and the excellent finish, the classic colours and cuts of these jumpers, hoodies, and knitwear mean that you can wear them at any age.

Classic hooded jumpers: Carhartt hoodies

These are no-frills hoodies that need no fancy additions. The heavy fabric used, the clear-cut design and the classic fit are all features of this hoodie.

For colder days: Jackets

What goes for our jumpers also goes for our jackets. Classic cuts and colours as well as great quality.

Thick Carhartt Parka

Well-known examples of this category are the thick Anchorage parka of the thin Hickman coat.

For turbulent times: Windbreakers

Windbreakers are incredibly practical. They protect us from nasty weather, and they are perfect for those days when you feel like wearing layers of clothing. Nimbus is a very popular windbreaker. Just like a jumper, you pull it right over your head. It also has the legendary belly pocket included in its fabric.   

Your thickly-lined friend: The winter jacket

Winter jackets are like those rare friends you can truly rely on, even if it should get very cold. Thickly-lined and watertight, these winter jackets take you through the winter season without a problem.

Carhartt Jackets for Women

There are countless women who love the Carhartt style just as much as men do. There is absolutely no problem with a girl putting on a men's jacket. More often than not this is a great combination. In some cases, however, the jacket might not fit as well as you would have hoped. So it is a good thing that the label also has a women's collection. The jackets, trousers and shirts for women and girls are very similar to those of the male collections. The cuts, however, are better suited to the female body.   


What else is available from the Carhartt web store?

Our web store offers you a great selection of clothing and accessories: T-shirts, shirts, jumpers of all kinds, jackets for any time of the year, trousers, hats, backpacks, bags and wallets. We even have underwear and socks.

Backpack: Always With You

Watch and Kickflip are both backpack models that have been sold internationally for decades. But it is not just backpacks. The parcel bag with its bike messenger style and the no-frills belly bag featuring the iconic square label patch have gained international fame.

Turning the world upon its head: Caps

This clothing company makes simple, timeless five panels and snap backs suitable for any occasion. These are available in black, brown or camo.

Perfect For Your Head: Beanies

Carhartt hats are legendary. The Acrylic Watch Beanie might well be the most well-known model. Can you think of any other hat to have gained this much popularity and the style of which has been imitated so many times?

Why do we sell Carhartt WIP in our web store?

This brand is part of our range because this streetwear brand makes items that we absolutely love. Anyone who has ever owned a winter jacket, a wind breaker or a jumper, a beanie hat or jeans from this brand will tell you all about these clothes. They fit comfortably, last forever, do not show signs of wear and tear, are durable, well-finished, and to top it off, they have their own style and great designs. Even with classic cuts, you will always be able to tell a Carhartt WIP item apart from all the others.
It goes without saying that we have clothes on offer for both women and men.

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• Weil am Rhein, Germany is not only home to the brand's distribution offices for Germany but also the Carhartt WIP skate hall. Since 2006, in fact, this place has been the home of the gallery, regularly hosting exciting exhibitions of contemporary art. Definitely worth a visit!

• The second T in Hamilton Carhartt's name was added by the man himself. He did this so as to differentiate himself from other entrepreneurs of the same name. That is 1889-style marketing for you. Given today's success of the brand, this little trick seems to have worked quite well!