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Fjällräven Kiruna Padded Jacket W jacket black

Kiruna Padded Jacket W jacket black

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Fjällräven Nuuk W parka maroon

Nuuk W parka maroon

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Backpack and parka with an arctic fox: Fjällräven

Some brands are not just brands, and some products are not just products. When it was decided in the 1950s to name the label "the Arctic Fox" and to produce durable backpacks for nature lovers, it was a long way from business studies and marketing strategy. This is how passion and pioneering spirit resulted in a brand.
When Åke Nordin founded Fjällräven in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, he couldn't simply assume that the colourful backpacks would be some of the most popular outdoor and leisure equipment in the world, even decades later.

Why do we have Fjällräven in our shop?

A Fjällräven backpack is timeless, attractive, colourful, practical and, most of all, sturdy. Long before the tide of social responsibility came, the brand had taken a production route that helps protect the environment, focusing on caring for nature with sustainability. A responsible success story, which continues with the bag collection and the numerous men's and women's parkas, for example. The Greenland Parka is a popular model, just like the Kanken Rucksack No. 21.

Backpacks and bags that are at home in nature and in the city

All bags and backpacks are manufactured with the legendary G1000 material, which is treated with Greenland Wax. That's how the sturdy, weatherproof items are made, such as the Duffle Bag, the No. 12 Rucksack, the Räven Rucksack and all the other timeless classics.

The popular, colourful bag: the Kanken.

This legendary satchel has been around in the most beautiful colours since 1978. It is popular with both adults and kids. The mini variant for children, the medium or large model for adults. There is also the Kanken Laptop with an extra padded computer slot.

Bag and rucksack in one: the Totepack

The desire to transform a handbag into a practical rucksack is something that many women of this world will know. This makes the dream a reality. The Totepack No. 1 is an elegant, sturdy bag with handles, shoulder strap and rucksack function. Amazing.

The Kajka is your guide on trekking expeditions.

This large rucksack has an amazing structure, very well thought-out features and was also produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Timeless jackets and winter jackets which your grandchildren will still love

Do you need a jacket you can rely on? No problem. The brand with the fox uses the highest quality, sturdy material with the best features for their jackets and coats. With a little care, you will always love the everlasting design and the fantastic workmanship. The slip-on jackets, such as the Iceland Anorak have also been enjoying a lot of popularity for a few seasons.

So long, so good: a Parka

A coat is your friend, especially when it's cold. It makes sense, because the long style covers and keeps you warmer than a jacket ever can. The Nuuk Parka for women, the chunky Barents Parka for men and the Greenalnd No. 1 are particularly popular.

The tried and tested Greenland Parka

With this Parka, you're equipped for any season and every adventure. The outdoor classic comes with or without teddy lining but always with water-repellent, breathable G-1000 material, numerous pockets and the tried and tested design.

For adventurous women who love nature

Women need to be just as well as equipped for their expeditions. And so of course there are also women's jackets and coats in the typical style. The features and characteristics are the same ones as in the men's collection, only with a more feminine cut.

Functional trousers

You'll come to appreciate the trekking trousers functions when you're actively on the move in nature. A water-repellent, breathable material, a reinforced material in particularly demanding areas such as the knees or numerous pockets, in which you can keep tools such as your hiking map or pocket knife handy, will certainly improve your trips.

The Barents Pro trekking trousers

The absolute trekking trouser classics are available in different styles. As shorts for summer and with warm padding for winter, and naturally as a regular model with long legs and without integrated insulation.

You might be interested in this information about Fjällräven:

- The brand fights for nature conservation generally, but also particularly for the protection of the arctic fox, their animal symbol, which is threatened with extinction.

- Along with responsibility towards animals and nature, working and production conditions, Fjällräven supports initiatives that bring people close to nature and encourage families to spend more time outdoors with their children. The brand supports projects like "Raus in die Natur", "Green Team", and it organises the "Fjällräven Classic" trek.