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"Build to grind": Independent Trucks Company

The label is a proven brand on the skateboarding scene. It was founded in Santa Cruz, California in 1978 by Fausto Vitello, Jay Shuirman, Kevin Thatcher and Rick Blackhart. This meant that by the late 1970s, it was one of just three companies that manufactured skateboards. Robust, long-life axles for any terrain and any need - that's what the brand's all about. And that's why Indys are some of the most popular trucks around.

Why do we stock Independent Trucks?

The high quality and cult status of the axles speak for themselves. The motorbike gang image is also an interesting contrast to the surfer lifestyle concept used by other skate brands.

This may also interest you:

- The label sponsors a huge team of skateboarders of all styles. This makes the skateboard axles the top brand among the professionals.
- The logo depicts the Alisee Cross - not to be confused with the Iron Cross! A picture of Pope Paul II on the cover of Time magazine was the inspiration behind this.