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Santa Cruz Online Shop

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Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Minimal deck green

Santa Cruz
Screaming Hand Minimal deck green

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"Oldschool rolling - Santa Cruz Skateboards

NHS Inc. Santa Cruz is an old school skate brand. It was founded in the Californian city of Santa Cruz by Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman in 1973. So far, the skateboard brand has been part of all the ups and downs of the sport, shaped skateboarding itself, and used innovation to push forward.

The legendary Jim Phillips ""Screaming Hand"" is a skateboarding icon. In 1985, he designed the hand logo for the Santa Cruz Speed Wheels line. His son, Jimbo, is now also designing for Santa Cruz.

Why do we stock Santa Cruz in our shop?

As the first skating brand, it's a matter of principle for us to have the brand in our shop. And the decks aren't bad either. In addition to the standard skatedecks, there are Oldschool Shape or Re-Issues for maximum fun.

This information may also interest you:
- In addition to skateboarding, Santa Cruz has also started to make inroads into snowboarding, surfing and mountainbiking.
- the NHS group includes Santa Cruz as well as cult brands including Independent Trucks, Bones Bearings and Powell Peralta."