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Payment options

Credit card 
We will accept Visa and Mastercard. 

We need the following information from you: 

  • Credit card number
  • Card verification (you can see it on the backside of the credit card; it is a 3 digit code and is followed by the 16 digit card number)
  • Expiration date of the card
  • Mastercard: your individual SecureCode
  • VISA: your individual Varified by Visa password

With your personal password (SecureCode/Verified by Visa) you are protected against misuse when you shop online. Because only you know the password, nobody else can misuse your credit card at participating merchants. An entry window will appear during the payment proceedings, which is from your card issuing bank. Here you can enter your personal code, which proves that you are the legitimate holder of this credit card. This online security process is similar to the PIN-number you use at ATMs. We do not have access to this data, because it is only available on the server of your card-issuing bank.

If you are not registered at your bank for Mastercard SecureCode/Varified by Visa (yet), an entry window will automatically open during the payment proceedings for your registration. The order process will not be cancelled during your registration. Just follow the instructions of your bank to successfully complete your registration.

In exceptional cases it is possible that your credit card is not yet activated for this security method (= no input window appears). If you want to use this service, please get in contact with your card-issuing bank. Anyway, you can pay your order by credit card as usual.

The value of the order will only be reserved at the card, not booked. The value will be booked when the order is being shipped. 
Please pay attention: When your credit card data is in our order system, you will be automatically connected with the server from CompuTop. The transmission of the data and the authentication will be done via an encryption based on SSL (a secure communication protocol for the transmission of banking and credit card information during the checkout process). Your information will neither sent to us, nor stored.

You will pay the value of the bill via the online payment service PayPal. To use PayPal you will need a valid PayPal account, which carries your bank- or credit card information.  
The payment per PayPal can only be done online. 
Please click here for further information.

Payment in advance 
When you will pay in advance, you will transfer the money in advance to our bank account.  
After the order is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with our bank information. 
When we receive the money on our bank account, we will ship the order. 

Bank information
Please always fill in your customer- or order number, so we can allocate your payment.

IBAN: DE03200505501201121975
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse, Ecke Adolphsplatz / Gr. Burstah, 20457 Hamburg,  Germany

Secure shopping and payment  

Free delivery to most EU countries
+ 30 days voluntary right to return
+ Fast shipping
+ Free return
+ Fast Refund