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About us

WeAre Team

We at WeAre are a bunch of friends. We first met at Wild and Style, a Hamburg-based snowboarding club. Almost our entire team is made up of people who have known each other for ages because they were all members of the snowboarding club. This club is also a place that has been organising snowboarding trips to the Alps since 1997. After graduation - when we all had to find jobs - we were wondering if we could succeed in turning our team into our own business. And that's exactly what we did. Our web shop, weare.de, has been around since September 2007. With this shop, we have truly made our biggest dream come true. With the help of a few very good friends from Aschaffenburg, a city in the south of Germany, we managed to start our own business. All it took was our love for snowboarding, their expertise in logistics and lots and lots of overtime.

WeAre Office

We created our own jobs and we are based in a nice office in Hamburg's St Pauli neighbourhood. This is where we run the day-to-day business such as purchasing, design, product descriptions, promotion and our very own blog. We are not the result of any mergers. And neither are we just a bunch of people who only got together because it makes business sense. We have been and still are friends as well as our own boss. WeAre is the name, and WeAre is the game. Together we are a team. Every one of us does whatever they excel at! Our Aschaffenburg friends keep an eye on our warehouse. They also guarantee you perfect customer service and delivery. This is also why we have two addresses. One is for our Aschaffenburg-based warehouse, and the other one is for our Hamburg office.

WeAre Logistik

By now, we have made it beyond the start-up phase. We have won over more than 100,000 happy customers. We have also established business links with our favourite brands. When choosing the brands that we work with, we look at what products we like and what's fashionable at the moment. However, we never choose a product just because it happens to be trendy. There are two things that are extremely important to us: #1 We look for a good mix of well-established brands and smaller yet innovative labels. #2 We see the bigger picture, and this has to be flawless. We don't want to be just another faceless department store with products ranging from corkscrews to ski socks. We generally go by the following rule: There mustn't be a single product in our shop that we would not wear ourselves. By now, we are also taking on trainees. Our trainee administrators, both male and female, are lending support to our purchasing and marketing departments. They take care of our brand and product descriptions and social media posts on Facebook and Twitter. They also organise our events.

WeAre Teamrider

Being a board sports shop, we obviously want to promote the sport itself. This is why there are now a few WeAre sportspeople that we support. We support them by sponsoring them, by providing them with hoodies and beanies, but also with contacts, events and industry updates. Success in competitions, appearance or age don't matter at all. What is important are things like style, talent and personality! Whether they feel most at home on their snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards or even surfboards, our sportspeople team is made up of really nice guys and girls who fit with our personalities and the company's personality. WeAre Friends!

In our shop, we place great emphasis on providing excellent customer service. We also deliver as soon as we can while keeping you posted on the status of your order. Any product in our shop shown as "immediately available" is, in fact, sitting in our warehouse, just waiting for you. We also welcome any suggestions you might have on what we can improve, what brands you'd like to see in our shop and any other comments you might have. We know we're not perfect. Should there be any issues with your order, just drop us an email.

Steffen Oberquelle (CEO WeAre GmbH)

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